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The Soapboxers

“The Soapboxers”. Filmed at the historic Hyde Park “Speakers Corner” in London.

This film is a tour of the deeply oddball characters who make their weekly Sunday pilgrimages to Speakers Corner, gesticulating from their soapboxes with a Londoner’s unique sense of humor as they threaten, cajole and entreat us to mend our ways.

Politics, sex or religion, no subject is taboo or beyond the often-outrageous retorts from the hecklers who are themselves a key part of the Speakers Corner experience. Besides the usual mix of bohemian radicals, also included are religious fundamentalists, doctors, prohibitionists and the occasional raving lunatic.

The film includes a rare interview with Lord Soper at 93. Donald Soper’s international reputation as a dedicated evangelical speaker included a “soap-box” Ministry every Sunday in Hyde Park.

DVD “The Soapboxers”