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The Noodle Man

“The Noodle Man” is a both a snapshot of Chinatown in New York City – A tightly packed neighborhood of torturously winding and overcrowded streets – and a glimpse into the life of Tung Tak Chiu, whose days are spent at there at The Hong Hop Noodle. A jack of all trades in this busy factory, Chiu is possessed of a a gentle humor, with an animated face and with movements that could belong to a dancer.

This short portrait film shows a typical day in the life of the ‘Noodle Man’, walking the streets, shopping and working at the many tasks required to create traditional handmade noodles. Then after work a game of checkers, shopping for food and home for a lonely meal. An ordinary day as experienced by many hard working residents of Chinatown, but this charming man brings an insight into a “day in the life” that few visitors will see.

Produced by Bert Shapiro

DVD “The Noodle Man”