A fast moving four-minute trip on the short journey from the open sea to the open mouth.

On the way, harvesting thousands of ready-to-eat oysters are seen being netted and landed onto a specially designed dredger, followed by a fast trip back to harbor and the processing shed. One at a time, fast moving hands shuck and pack for overnight journeys to dining rooms and dinner parties. All this leads to the sensuous pleasures of these mollusks sliding into the welcoming open mouths.

Oyster eaters have been enjoying champagne with these sexy creatures for hundreds of years. Shot in Nahcotta in the Pacific Northwest and at the famous Oyster Bar in NYC, this film will delight the aficionado and leave the uninitiated wondering, “What am I missing?”

Zoie International Festival 2002
International Festival of Cinema and Technology
Screening in London, England; Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada 2002-3
nominated for: ”Best Cutting Edge Use of the Documentary Format”
Hot Springs International Documentary Festival 2002.
Algonquin Indifest 2003